Sunday, 27 December 2015

Asian Interior Design Trends in just two Modern Homes

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Many style guides tend to focus on the historical side of Asian interior styling, often highlighting homes decorated with ornate antiques and bold symbolic colors. But what about interiors created with modern design fans in mind? These two beautiful homes – both located in Taiwan– demonstrate the sophisticated and minimalistic interior design trends popular in East Asia today. Each home incorporates the best of both international inspiration and traditional local influences, with a mix of furniture and fixtures from all over the world. Both are perfectly gorgeous and worth checking out.
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The first home, located in Taipei, features a gorgeous contrast of natural accents against a very refined industrial backdrop. The living room makes a bold statement with a stunning accent panel made of rusted iron against a rough concrete wall, all illuminated with technical modern lighting.

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The majority of the furniture takes advantage of thin wire legs for virtually any light yet industrial look, whereas the substantial sofa offers a softer aesthetic rounded out by a textural white rug. This home uses mirrors extensively to heighten the a feeling of spaciousness in addition to maximizing natural light, demonstrated by the reflective backing on the integrated bookcase. 

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